Shrimp larva diet for Hatchery and Nursery PL1-PL40


Shrimp larva diet for Hatchery and Nursery PL1-PL40. Rich of nutrition such as Marine animal protein, Omega 3 (DHA, EPA), Vitamins minerals and astaxanthin. High palatability, good digestibility and easily to absorb. Shrimp’s body and head color obviously turn brown, clearly noticeable. High growth rate , immunity, survival rate, promote lot of lipid droplet in hepatopancreas. Maintain good water quality in the tank, reduce Vibrio. and can control Ammonia and Nitrite in water.

Protein ≥ 45%       Fat ≥ 8%
Fiber ≤ 3%       Moisture ≤ 10%

V-Raceway 3/4 size 250 – 500 µm for PL1-PL5

V-Raceway 4/5 size 500 – 700 µm for PL5-PL15

V-Raceway 5/8 size 500 – 800 µm for PL15-PL30

V-Raceway 8/10 size 800 – 1000 µm for PL30-PL40

Packing size : 5 kg/bag


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