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Our Story


Marine Leader Co., Ltd. is a leading supplier of shrimp maturation feed in Thailand. We are both a distributor and a producer in the aquaculture industry. Our products are mainly in farm-production involving various animals such as shrimp, marine fish and ornamental fish.

Marine Leader Co., Ltd. was founded in 2000, with strong experiences in shrimp aquaculture. We see the opportunity to develop the technologies and promote good farm management in sustainability trend. Through the collaboration with many professors from renowned universities and researchers from leading organizations in Thailand, our innovative products help customers in better farm organization and production. As well, we commit to share our deep knowledge and continually develop our product technologies for the best commercial practice and marketing point of view. Some of our highlight products are in the areas of:

  • Accessories for farm production
  • Probiotics in aquaculture
  • Water quality test kit
  • Shrimp virus diagnosis test kit (WSSV and YHV)
  • Shrimp and other broodstocks feed
  • Feed ingredients for feed manufactur

Our Vision

We focus on adapting knowledge from researches to the industrial works. We will select and support the researches that appropriate for cultivating animals because we would like to be a company that brings the breakthrough technology and successful factors to the farmers. In addition, there are several important factors to be success in aquaculture such as animal breed, suitable and high quality feed, good farm and marketing management and proper environment. We ensure the right technologies and knowledge are explored and kept developing in line with the international standard requirements and sustainable guidelines.
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Our Mission

  • We commit to develop the appropriate technologies for the best aquaculture business results by focusing on the local researchers’ high-quality studies.
  • We support and impel the local high-quality studies to the global level.
  • We promote our knowledge for the best nutrition food production in aquaculture including economic animal larvae, broodstock as well as the conservation of near extinction marine animals.


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