Micro – particulate shrimp larval diets for hatchery (Zoea – PL25)


Micro – particulate shrimp larval diets for hatchery. Size 30 µm – 500 µm

Meticulous and attentive every step of production. Starting from the selection of raw materials and food. Enriched with nutritious protein from marine animals. Squid meal, Fish meal ,Omega 3 fatty acid (DHA, EPA) from algae ,vitamins, minerals and astaxanthin. Brought through process with the procedures and technology. Raw materials grinded with the highest resolution and forming to uniform size pellets.

-The Feed has a lighter suspension and stability in water.
-High palatability good digest and absorb.
-The hepatopancress is dark brown in colour and clearly visible.
-Improves for growth rate, survival rate, immunity and increase the amount of fat globule in the hepatopancreas.
-Maintains water quality, controls ammonia & nitrite and vibrio spp. in water.

Protein ≥ 50%  Fat ≥ 6%
Fiber ≤ 3%  Moisture ≤ 10%

Bio-MPL No.1  size 30 – 80 μm for Zoea – Mysis

Bio-MPL No.2 size 100 – 250 μm for PL1-PL5

Bio-MPL No.3 size 250 – 400 μm for PL6-PL12

Bio-MPL No.4 size 400 – 500 μm for PL12-PL25

Packing size : 1 kg/bag or can


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