📣📣Added-Values to shrimp with BIO-ASTA”📣📣
How to improve shrimp color, advertisement, and increase attraction?
BIO-ASTA widely distributes in the market for increasing values to the shrimp before harvesting.
Natural astaxanthins, easy to apply, and effective use.
“Try the difference to get the difference”
🦐Bio-Asta activate pigment gene and receptor to enhance/increase the color
in Shrimp and Fish.
🦐Bio-Asta has a good bioavailability, digestion and absorption that is good for
pigment accumulation and high performance to present the color.
🦐Enhance fitting shell and reduce loose shell after molting. Reduce stress and
increase survival rate
🦐Increase color in both of live shrimp and cooking shrimp.
Mixing Bio-Asta 5-10 g/kg of feed. 7-14 days before harvesting.

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